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Skyfall.2012.1080p.BluRay.x264-DAA [PublicHD]

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Skyfall.2012.1080p.BluRay.x264-DAA [PublicHD]

Release.Date: 12.02.2013
Video.......: x264 8320 kbps
Frame.Rate..: 23,976 fps
Resolution..: 1920x800 pixel
Audio.......: English DTS 1510 kbps
Subtitles...: English
Length......: 2h 23m 10s
Source......: Retail Bluray
Size........: 10080 MB

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Category BluRay 1080p
Size 9.83 GB
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AddDate 01/02/2013
Uploader BOZX
peers seeds: 1164, leechers: 420
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Last Update 22/04/2014 23:22:19 (22/04/2014 23:22:19)
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AFHD 22/03/2013 02.01.40
Good torrent, speed was alright as well.  smile1.gif
torrentboy 11/03/2013 15.57.32
thank you  :happy:
johndaog 10/02/2013 05.17.11
To anyone who isn't on the bandwagon, jump on, totally worth the wait, flawless...avg down 20kbps up 40 kbps....should be better now
johndaog 10/02/2013 05.01.11
speed is slightly improving
katran 07/02/2013 03.22.15
Seriously erratic download speeds on this at my end. Does anyone else has the same problem?
katran 06/02/2013 16.40.46
It seriously doesn't seem like this has above 2000 seeds... The download speed is really slow. All the other torrents are working fine.

Thanks, anyway!
govardhan81 04/02/2013 11.02.47
jpl43m 03/02/2013 14.55.20
smile1.gif smile1.gif smile1.gif
hawk21 03/02/2013 09.22.58
# Thanks for sharing ...
patrick1141 02/02/2013 01.21.36
Thank you so much for sharing
edwardex 01/02/2013 19.38.27
thank you for sharing this magnificent movie. :happy:
shopperen 01/02/2013 19.33.08
Been looking forward to this one. Ever since Daniel Craig became Bond, there is more real action and less banging the evil chick who betrays her boss.
afzalnoor1 01/02/2013 16.39.25
Thank you so much. I have been waiting for 1080p.
theHH 01/02/2013 15.31.32
its good if you are in hurry download this or the one that PublicHD will upload
qephnsksw 01/02/2013 14.59.55
why my comment is not show?
qephnsksw 01/02/2013 14.58.31
claws01 01/02/2013 14.58.02
ah ah ah nice nice public hd 1080ppppppp cleannnn 007*1020p :happy:
onkyou52 01/02/2013 14.52.33
Hey theHH, is DAA release not good? Just wondering..
Logjamming 01/02/2013 14.50.18
Cancelling my appointments for this friday night  grin.gif
theHH 01/02/2013 14.32.25
will sparks release this?
Subtox 01/02/2013 14.30.39
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